As earlier informed, our main focus at the moment is to work with new material for our 3rd record.

A sneak peek from yesterday's practice can be seen at our official Facebook page here.

If you don't follow our Facebook page, feel free to follow, to ensure you get all the latest info from the band!



Time for a very short update.

We've been working on new material for our 3rd album the last few months.

So far, the progress has gone really well. About 10 new songs have been made, and we're now focusing more into details and arrangements for each song.

Really exciting and inspiring work!


Here's a picture from yesterday's practice:


First of all, we want to thank you all for your support in 2016, and wish you all the best for 2017!


We start the new year with some great news:

Thank you to Vinaya Saksena from Maximum Metal Magazine for putting "World Demise" on the list "BEST METAL ALBUMS" released in 2016 among bands such as Opeth, Katatonia and Fates Warning:



A new review added to the Media section. This time from (75/100).

It can be read here.



Pictures of Pain has been interviewed by Atmosfear Magazine.

The interview can be read in last issue #18

09.11.2016 New band member

It's time to introduce and welcome our new bass player:

Kennet Tjoesvoll


Kennet is an old friend of us, who played together with Frode and Hans in the late 90's/early 00's, in a band which later on became Pictures of Pain. So this is more like a kind of "reunion".

We are happy to have Kennet back as a part of the band, and we hope it will bring him a lot of fun.


Kennet Tjoesvoll



Two more reviews added to the "Media" section, this time from Portal do Inferno (9/10), and Crossfire-Metal Webzine (8/10).




We are really sorry to inform, due to lack of inspiration and interest, that our bass player Roy Østrem has decided to leave the band.

Roy has been a band member for more than 10 years, and it’s been a pleasure to work together with such a great guy.

We all want to thank Roy for his contribution through all these years, and wish him ALL THE BEST for the future! And who knows, maybe he will get the interest and inspiration back some day?


Pictures of Pain will within short time start searching for a new bass player.

So if YOU are the possible new bass player in Pictures of Pain, OR you know someone who may be interested, feel free to contact one of the band members!


Despite the sad news above, we have been quite active for the last few months, with a main priority producing new material. By now, we have prepared the music for totally 8 new songs. We will continue this work, and finalizing these songs, by adding lyrics and other details needed.

More information will follow in the coming weeks!



Pictures of Pain interviewed by the Norwegian metalzine

The Interview can be read here. (It's written in Norwegian)

Another review, this time from Metal Temple, have also been added (7/10) to the Media link.



Pictures of Pain represented in June's edition of the Spanish Necromance Magazine.

We are also represented by the track "Legacy".

Legacy is track no. 22 on Necromance's compilation for June 2016.


Pictures from Karmoygeddon Metal Festival, end of April, have now been added to the gallery (ref. Pics -link).

All pictures are taken by Jorgen Freim.



Pictures of Pain is 1 out of 16 bands featured on the free cd included in June's edition (#271) of the british metal magazine Terrorizer!


Pictures of Pain is represented with "The Storm", the second track from the World Demise album.

The Storm is track no 12 on the "Fear Candy" cd 155.



Review from Arte Metal. World Demise score 9/10. The review is written in Portuguese and can be read here.



Yet another great review.

This time from Norsk Metal Webzine, giving "World Demise" a Top Score 6/6!

The review can be read here.



We had an excellent weekend at Karmoygeddon Metal festival!

Thank you to everyone that showed your support, and a special HAIL to the organizers.

Thank you!


Here are some more reviews, this time from Metallian Magazine (France), Power Play Magazine (UK) and webzine.


This weekend!

Really looking forward to play at this brilliant festival again, 9 years gone since last time.

15.04.2016 "Worl Demise" - Release of the Month !

"World Demise" has been voted "Release of the Month" for March 2016 by the readers of

Totally 9 releases were nominated by NorskMetal webzine, and "World Demise" received 45,5 % of all the votes.


"World Demise" will also be one out of twelve releases, which can be "the release of the year 2016".

We want to use the opportunity to THANK all webzine- readers that showed support, and voted for "World Demise" as the best album-release for March 2016"

We have also added 2 more reviews, this time from Maximum Metal Magazine (4/5) and Scream Magazine (4/6)


12.04.2016 Video release

We have just released our first video from "World Demise".

Take a look at the opening track "Legacy" here.


Some more reviews, this time from (4/5) and Metal Zone (7/10 ).



World Demise nominated as "Release of the month" for March by metalwebzine!

If you agree, feel free to give your vote here.

Thank you for your support!


Yet another great review! This time from Lords of Metal, 75/100. The review can be read here.

We also want to congratulate Mario Pereira for his World Demise artwork - being nominated "Best Melodic Death Metal covers" for March 2016!

We are also working with some video-stuff which will be released quite soon, so stay tuned for more news in the coming days!



The very first reviews of the "World Demise" album have been released.

8.2/10 from Metal Factory Metal Magazine, 74/100 from Ragherrie and 7/10 from Dead Rhetoric webzine.

The reviews can be read under the "Media" link.


We have added some more pictures from the release party under the "pics" menu, or by following this link. (NB: Facebook login required)

The pictures are taken by Irmina Lunnoy. Thanks!


Finally, our second album is now available through both Pitch Black Records and all the major record stores!

Yesterday, we held a very successfull Releaseparty at Flytten.

We want to thank, and give a BIG SALUTE, to everyone that took part on yesterdays' release.

Also a big hail to the sound engineer Tom Poole Kerr, Odd Arne Saltnes from Livesound, Johnny Angelund from Karmoeygeddon, Bjoern Ove Fredriksen and Joergen Freim for great pictures.

You all rock!

Joergen Freim did some really cool live shots from the gig which you can see here, or in the Pics gallery.



Check out a band interview done by SpitFire upfront of the release here.



Welcome you to our brand new, redesigned, website!


First of all, we have some really exiting news!

We have signed an extended deal with Pitch Black Records.

Our new album, World Demise, will be released world wide 04.03.16.

The album consists of 9 songs.

It's recorded at Black Dimension Studio by Stein Sund. Stein Sund also did the mastering. Once again he has done a brilliant job!

Coverart are done by Mario Pereira. This is the same guy that did the coverart for "The Reckoning" album.

Some more info can be read here.

The releaseparty will be held Saturday 05.03.16 at Flytten, Haugesund (Norway).

For more info, visit the facebook event here.