Arne Marton Tangjerd

Arne Marton Tangjerd

- Rhythm Guitar -

Influenced by:

Randy Rhoads, Ronnie Le Tekrø, Gary Moore, Kirk Hammett

Favourite Bands:

Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, TNT, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Katatonia, GNR, Helloween, Iron Maiden

5 Recommended Albums:

Enthrone Darkness Triumph - Dimmu Borgir

Master of Puppets - Metallica

Use Your Illussion II - GNR

Keeper Of The Seven Keys I - Helloween

Keeper Of The Seven Keys II - Helloween


Family & friends, music and beer


Guitarist in Pictures Of Pain and Evig Natt.

Former band: MindCrime